Who am I?

Hi, I’m Kacper.

I’m a learning experience designer from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I have been working in e-learning design and development since 2005 after landing my first e-learning job purely by chance. I liked it so much that I’m still in the field and have never looked back.

I have a Masters in Occupational Psychology, complemented by a Postgraduate Degree in E-learning Technologies and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching.

My psychology background plays a pivotal role in my design process. I draw upon research in cognitive psychology and its impact on learning, as well as the recent developments in social psychology, theories of influencing behaviour and successful behavioural change.

With a flair for visual design, I create e-learning experiences which are effective, beautiful and meaningful.

Originally from Poland, I live in Edinburgh with my partner Ania and our shaggy labradoodle Magnus.

On a weekend jaunt from Edinburgh. Coffee is non-negotiable!